Pets for Vets: Carolina Patriot Rovers

Leave it to America‘s finest to develop the means to train pets for vets. The Carolina Patriot Rovers, under the direction of Captain Robert Stillwell, US Army, and with the assistance and guidance of David Cantara, a “Patriot Guard Rider”, found a way to train dogs that eventually become therapeutic companions for OIF/OEF veterans.

Meet “Fleet” (pictured below) and hear more

Just in time for Christmas 2010,

Also meet “Daisy“, who¬† helped a Marine Corps vet cope with PTSD.

If you are a veteran or know a vet who is dealing with PTSD and want to help, go HERE

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2 responses to “Pets for Vets: Carolina Patriot Rovers

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  2. Hi, My son has an adorable 8 mo. old pup that needs a home. He is at Ft. Bragg, moving, and they can’t take her. She is a shepherd/husky mix (more shepherd I think). I would take her but we are across the country and don’t want her to have to travel for a great home. We would all love it if a Veteran could benefit from this adorable dog. She is super sweet, well trained, and loving. She would need further training to be of service beyond providing love. Please let me know if there is anyway your organization can help, or if you have ideas of who we could contact. Thank you! Mary

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