Where is the National PTSD Awareness Day Support?

I’ve searched…and I’ve searched…and although legislation was passed by Congress in 2010 to make June 27th the official “National PTSD Day”, I have yet to find anyone (outside of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs) doing ANYTHING to promote awareness in 2011 outside of a few privileged group discussions on Facebook.

So, just to make my “Please help a Veteran’s day“, I would love to hear from someone who is doing something in the great USA to raise awareness about PTSD sometime in the month of June.

Preferably someone who is not on the government’s payroll.

If you have an event planned, a video made, or an article published, or any useful tidbit SCREAMING TO GET OUT please leave me a COMMENT!   (like Veterans Today’s 2010 Article), I will post it!!!!