Text Messaging Via Email

Say you find yourself stranded in the middle of nowhere and something’s wrong with  your cellular phone (you either forgot it, broke it, didn’t charge it, forgot to pay the bill, or ran out of minutes).

What if you’re at home alone, the power and phone lines are down from a storm, your injured, and you really need to notify someone that you need help?

If you are among the 75% of Americans that own a laptop, tablet, or similar type of battery-operated computer device, and any of those devices can access the internet, then you might be able to contact someone.

Text messages can be sent via email to just about any cellular phone in the US.  The process is simple and learning it might save your life.

If you are able to access the internet, and you know the 10-digit cellular phone number or pager number and the service provider of the person you wish to message, here is how to send a text message via email:

Address a “New” email to the 10-digit phone or pager number without dashes or dots such as: 5731234567, then complete the @ by choosing the corresponding cell phone or wireless provider below. Such as: 5731234567@txt.att.net

Once you’ve addressed the email correctly, then simply type and send your message and wait for a reply.  Be sure and check your junk filter for return messages.

  • 3 River Wireless: @sms.3rivers.net
  • ACS Wireless: @paging.acswireless.com
  • Alltel: @message.alltel.com
  • AT&T: @txt.att.net
  • Bell Canada: @txt.bellmobility.ca
  • Bell Canada: @bellmobility.ca
  • Bell Mobility (Canada): @txt.bell.ca
  • Bell Mobility: @txt.bellmobility.ca
  • Blue Sky Frog: @blueskyfrog.com
  • Bluegrass Cellular: @sms.bluecell.com
  • Boost Mobile: @myboostmobile.com
  • BPL Mobile: @bplmobile.com
  • Carolina West Wireless: @cwwsms.com
  • Cellular One: @mobile.celloneusa.com
  • Cellular South: @csouth1.com
  • Centennial Wireless: @cwemail.com
  • CenturyTel: @messaging.centurytel.net
  • Cingular (Now AT&T): @txt.att.net
  • Clearnet: @msg.clearnet.com
  • Comcast: @comcastpcs.textmsg.com
  • Corr Wireless Communications: @corrwireless.net
  • Dobson: @mobile.dobson.net
  • Edge Wireless: @sms.edgewireless.com
  • Fido: @fido.ca
  • Golden Telecom: @sms.goldentele.com
  • Helio: @messaging.sprintpcs.com
  • Houston Cellular: @text.houstoncellular.net
  • Idea Cellular: @ideacellular.net
  • Illinois Valley Cellular: @ivctext.com
  • Inland Cellular Telephone: @inlandlink.com
  • MCI: @pagemci.com
  • Metrocall: @page.metrocall.com
  • Metrocall 2-way: @my2way.com
  • Metro PCS: @mymetropcs.com
  • Microcell: @fido.ca
  • Midwest Wireless: @clearlydigital.com
  • Mobilecomm: @mobilecomm.net
  • MTS: @text.mtsmobility.com
  • Nextel: @messaging.nextel.com
  • OnlineBeep: @onlinebeep.net
  • PCS One: @pcsone.net
  • President’s Choice: @txt.bell.ca
  • Public Service Cellular: @sms.pscel.com
  • Qwest: @qwestmp.com
  • Rogers AT&T Wireless: @pcs.rogers.com
  • Rogers Canada: @pcs.rogers.com
  • Satellink: @satellink.net
  • Southwestern Bell: @email.swbw.com
  • Sprint: @messaging.sprintpcs.com
  • Suncom: @tms.suncom.com
  • Surewest Communications: @mobile.surewest.com
  • T-Mobile: @tmomail.net
  • Telus: @msg.telus.com
  • Tracfone: @txt.att.net
  • Triton: @tms.suncom.com
  • Unicel: @utext.com
  • US Cellular: @email.uscc.net
  • Solo Mobile: @txt.bell.ca
  • Sprint: @messaging.sprintpcs.com
  • Suncom: @tms.suncom.com
  • Surewest Communications: @mobile.surewest.com
  • T-Mobile: @tmomail.net
  • Telus: @msg.telus.com
  • Triton: @tms.suncom.com
  • Unicel: @utext.com
  • US Cellular: @email.uscc.net
  • US West: @uswestdatamail.com
  • Verizon: @vtext.com
  • Virgin Mobile: @vmobl.com
  • Virgin Mobile Canada: @vmobile.ca
  • West Central Wireless: @sms.wcc.net
  • Western Wireless: @cellularonewest.com

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