Youth Patriotic Art $10,000 Scholarship Contest

Officially known as the Young American Creative Patriotic Art Contest, this annual scholarship contest gives talented art students in grades 9-12 an opportunity to compete for up to $10,000 for college.

Sponsored solely by the Ladies Auxiliary to the Veterans of Foreign Wars, this high school art competition requires the fusion of artistic talent with a passionate patriotic vision.

Entries must be submitted to your local VFW Ladies Auxiliary Scholarship Chairman by March 31st. For more information,

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11 responses to “Youth Patriotic Art $10,000 Scholarship Contest

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  2. Is this contest still applicable for 2014, with a deadline of March 31st? I am unable to download the entry brochure.

  3. I submitted a piece of art, and I was wondering when I would get a reply or my art work back? Thank you, Shelby LeBeau.

    • Hello, Shelby.
      All of the Patriotic Art Contest entries are taken in at an Auxiliary level first, then forward to the Department Chairman of each state by the deadline of May 15th. Typically judging will occur at the state level anytime between May 16 and May 30, as entries are due to National by June 1st. I’m not sure how your state might handle it, but what Missouri does (after judging has been completed) is to notify the winners by phone &/or e-mail if they have won either 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place on the Department level. Those winners are then announced at our Department of Missouri Convention usually held in the mid June. It is during that state convention that any art entries not advancing are then picked up by the Auxiliary Chairman to be returned to the student (or sometimes hung in the Post for all to see). My advice would be to contact your Auxiliary Chairman at the Post through which you submitted your artwork to let them know that you would like your artwork back if it does not advance. In the meantime, Best of luck :)

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