What Unemployed Veterans, Wal-Mart and Arizona Have in Common

300,000 Unemployed Veterans

The United States Department of Labor recently released the 2012 first quarter national unemployment rate for veterans.

Currently 10.3 percent of Gulf War-era II veterans, those who have served since 2001, remain unemployed.   That is 2.1% higher than the national unemployment rate of 8.2%.

Thanks to a recent surge in Veterans Job Fairs, and the passage of the VOW to Hire Vets legislation in late 2011, the current number of unemployed veterans has decreased substantially.  Especially when compared to the ghastly 12% annual veteran unemployment rate that was reported by the Bureau of Labor and Statistics in 2011.

Another contributing factor to the 1.7% decrease, is the large number of returning troops smart enough to realize their bleak employment future, and make prompt use of their GI Bill instead.  That still leaves an estimated 300,000 Gulf War-era II veterans actively seeking employment in the U.S today.

Arizona: 360,000 Illegal Immigrants

According to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Arizona had 360,000 unauthorized immigrants enter their state in 2011. Arizona recently passed a law that would authorize officers to arrest anyone they have “probable cause” to believe is eligible to be deported. The law also would bar aliens without proper papers from seeking or performing work.

Arizona (whose law is being challenged by the current White House administration) says its 370-mile border with Mexico is the crossing point for half the U.S.’s illegal immigrants, giving it the right to tackle a problem the national government has failed to address.

Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts said, “It seems to me that the federal government just doesn’t want to know who is here illegally or not.” Read more…

Walmart: 365 New Stores in Mexico

One of every five Walmart stores is now south of the border, and the company reported total sales of  US $29 billion in Mexico during 2011.   That may explain why Walmart also opened 365 new stores in Mexico in 2011.

Walmart also pays miserable wages, employs an army of unpaid “baggers” at its checkout lines, and has been accused of widespread violation of labor laws.  This is difficult to morally digest, when it has been proven that they could obviously afford the $24 million it took to bribe Mexican officials.  Read more…

Resolution: Making Everyone Happy

My 3-step proposal to rectify, correct, and resolve all of this insanity is very simple:

  1. Allow Arizona to re-capture and deport those 360,000 illegals now working in the U.S.
  2. Send those Arizona deports, once back in Mexico, immediately to work for Walmart.    (Walmart can cover the U.S. deportation cost as penalty for their criminal activity.  After spending $24 million to bribe officials, that averages out to around $67,000 per deportee….which is more than enough!)
  3. Put those 300,000 Veterans to work for the Border Patrol….Homeland Security….or anywhere else they can continue to serve and protect, and definitely send a few thousand to oversee (as store managers) those 360,000 new Walmart workers in Mexico!

Easy enough?