Agent Orange in Fort McClellan

Updated: August 11, 2014

Please be aware that H.R. 2052 (The Fort McClellan Health Registry Act) is now H.R. 411.

It is the same bill, just renamed when it was re-introduced in January of 2013.

If you were ever stationed at Ft McClellan, Alabama, in the years 1935 through 1999, then you were exposed to toxic chemicals during your service. You need to file a claim with the VA for 100% service connection for toxic chemical exposure.

After serving at Ft. McClellan, did you or someone you know become sick with an illness or multiple illnesses that doctors could not explain? Were you ever diagnosed with an illness that simply did not make sense?

If you support care for our Veterans and/or you would like to see the US Government do right by Ft. McClellan alumni, please join our Facebook group here.

Original Article August 21st, 2012 by VFWlady Laurie Cox

Exposed Soldiers Await Acknowledgement & Action from VA, Monsanto, & Congressional Subcommittee on Health

There is a House Bill that stalled in the U.S. 112th Congress (H.R. 2052) called the Ft McClellan Health Registry Act.

It calls for the U.S. Government and the VA to act responsibly and take care of the health issues that soldiers experienced, and continue to suffer from today.

Why? These soldiers health issues are due to EPA recognized PCB exposure, which has damaging affects similar to Agent Orange exposure, while serving at  Ft McClellan, a U.S. Army base in Anniston, Alabama.

Fort McClellan Alabama, situated in the town of Anniston and the county of Calhoun Alabama, should retroactively inform all veterans stationed there from 1935-1999 to report immediately for independent health screenings to determine those who are most likely suffering from long term disability or diseases which are wholly matching to PCB exposure, Sarin Gas exposure, Germ Warfare exposure, (CN) Gas Exposure, and VX emission exposure.

Many people do not realize that PCB is a principal component of agent orange. Or that Monsanto was the company manufacturing PCB and helping the Military make agent orange. (Read: Monsanto Hid Decades Of Pollution) It is due to this relationship that Anniston, Alabama is the site of one of the worst (likely producing the highest number of) cases of chemical poisoning in U.S. history.  The machine had Monsanto dumping tons of PCBs into the town and Fort McClellan nearby where the Army had their only stateside factory producing live agents of agent orange.

The following facts apply:

1. No agency to date in Alabama or otherwise has made
any official notification to the McClellan veterans about
the town-wide PCB contamination zone which existed there
since the 1930’s from the former Monsanto and Solutia

2. Gulf War likened illnesses and syndromes have emerged
in the McClellan population group even though most are
from the Korean and Vietnam Era years of service.

Read This Heartbreaking Story from One Exposed Veteran:

Gary Cox, Ret., U.S. Army Military Police Corps
“We were exposed to toxic PCBs that were used in Agent Orange. These toxins cause many illnesses, tumors, cancer, birth defects……. After many cases and complaints, the EPA got involved in the 90s, Ft McClellan was deemed a hazardous waste site, and was shut down by 1999.

For years the solders and veterans were not told of the hazardous exposure they endured. There is plenty of documentation to support the bill and to show that something should have been done a long time ago.

While at Ft. McClellan in 1985, my wife and I found a bulge on my left rib cage.  I was told by the doctors there that it was “nothing”.  A few months later, while in Korea, I had to have exploratory surgery to remove a tumor that was there.  A year later doctors found another 13 1/2 pound rare tumor, that left me disabled. Since then I have had many other problems, including diabetes.

Please help me and the others fighting to get word spread about this issue. If you, or someone you know has ever spent any time at all at Ft McClellan, AL it is a must to check into. If you support the troops and veterans, and want justice for us, please re-post this to spread the word.”

Thank you,
Gary Cox
Ret., U.S. Army Military Police Corps

The 2013-2014 (H.R.411) – Fort McClellan Health Registry Act

There is one summary of the bill shown Here:  Introduced in House (01/23/2013)

Fort McClellan Health Registry Act – Directs the Secretary of Veterans Affairs (VA) to establish and maintain a special record to be known as the Fort McClellan Health Registry containing the name of each individual who, while serving in the Armed Forces, was stationed at Fort McClellan, Alabama, during the period beginning on January 1, 1935, and ending on May 20, 1999, and who: (1) applies for care or services from the VA; (2) files a claim for compensation on the basis of any disability which may be associated with such service; (3) dies and is survived by a spouse, child, or parent who files a claim for dependency and indemnity compensation on the basis of such service; (4) requests a health examination from the VA; or (5) receives such health examination and requests inclusion in the Registry. Requires the Secretary, upon request, to provide such health examination, as well as consultation and counseling with respect to examination results.

Directs the Secretary to: (1) notify individuals in the Registry of significant developments in research on the health consequences of potential exposure to a toxic substance or environmental hazard related to service at Fort McClellan; and (2) carry out appropriate outreach activities with respect to such health examinations, consultation, and counseling.

As of July 18, 2013 the current bill has 29 Cosponsors:

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14 responses to “Agent Orange in Fort McClellan

  1. Are you serious? Every link I tried on your HR 2052 writings puts me on the e-mail list. There is nothing I trust less than the government as they are the ones who put me in my condition! And to become one of Barak Obama’s “friends” is not something I EVER INTEND TO DO! This is wrong in so many ways i can’t even begin to tell you. According to the EPA reports i have read there was no AO at Ft. Mac. I an starting to believe this may be a trick to confuse the issues we suffer from to allow congress to deny HR2052 yet again. If you think you are helping, you are not! You may well be cutting our collective throats by doing this in this way. I will let this be known on facebook so as to stop others from falling into this trap! There are other ways to sign the petition without supporting a second disaster of a term.

  2. I was stationed there for training from Sept through Dec 1980. I already receive services fron the VA for service connected disabilities, but none that are agent orange related. Should I go ahead and file a claim for the exposure or wait and see what might develop? I do not know if any of my conditions could be related or not as the VA doctors have never mentioned any relation.

  3. I was stationed at Fort McClellan from 1074 – 1977. I am already a 100% disabled veteran for PTSD. Should I apply for this as well?

    • Sorry to hear about that Anne. Unfortunately there is nothing to “apply for” yet. Veterans have fought and died for years trying to get this registry established, but the EPA/DOD/VA must first acknowledge that (much like agent orange exposure) veterans stationed there were similarly affected by chemical exposure through no fault of their own…and deserve (at the very least) to be compensation via VA Healthcare. This registry (in my opinion) should have been established when Monsanto settled with the EPA and the town of Anniston over 10 years ago. No surprise (look at the history) that our Veterans and Military personnel were left out of that.

  4. hello/ is there a list to sing my decease spouse who was station at ft mcclellan from 1960=1962 he taught at the chemical school and handled the chemical. his doctor was filing for his disability prior to his death.

  5. Where do I find a list of illnesses that could be associated with being stationed at Fort McClellan, Alabama?

  6. My father, Stanley Ralph Hill, was stationed at ft McClelland for 2 years. He filed a claim due to a tumor growth and removal which caused sexual, mental and other health issues back in 1961-62. To date his claim has never been resolved. He passed away due to mesothelioma and prostate cancer and I was asked to never give up.. He said i , his family deserved compensation. What can I do? It is awful that our own government won’t care for honorable military families they knowingly caused injury and death. Please contact me and I will pursue as you direct. I can tell you his claim remains UNRESOLVED. Deborah A.Hill 210-209-7605 sad sad low state of affairs…

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