About VFWlady Laurie Cox

Author: Laurie Cox (The VFW lady)

My name is Laurie Cox, and I am an active member of the Ladies Auxiliary to the Veterans of  Foreign Wars.  The mission of our organization is to assist the VFW in a multitude of  programs that benefit Veterans, their families, America‘s Youth, and the communities in which we exist.

As a huge Veteran supporter, this  Lady applauds all organizations who truly exist to “Support Our Troops” both past and present.  I currently serve as the 2013-2014 VAVS Representative and Scholarship Chairman for my Auxiliary.

Over the years I have encountered hundreds of groups that do wonderful work fighting to preserve the quality of life, improve  healthcare, and/or to protect the rights of America’s Veterans.

I started this blog because I hope to get the word out; not only about the LAVFW, but to also give a big “SHOUT OUT!”  to the thousands of  businesses and groups wishing or existing to assist veterans and their families.

If you know of a veteran (or the family member of a veteran) who is in need of special assistance, moral support, something fun to do, scholarship information, patriotic confirmation, legislative updates or simply a way to save money…..

My hope is that you will find a positive, plausible, or possible: solution, recommendation, or topic of conversation right here…at vfwlady.com

50 responses to “About VFWlady Laurie Cox

  1. I am proud of Laurie as VFW Lady fully dedicated to the service of the troops being deployed by America in about 18 countries globally. To serve troops is to serve humanity, and to serve the nation! I can not but salute Laurie with the highest respect and regards for commencing such remarkable job in the history of American army. Laurie, you are really a great lady with a great vision and mission to fulfill the huge aspiration of American troops on foreign lands. I am with you and behind you all the time for your mission undertaken with your confidence!!! Yours best friend from Nepal, a tiny Himalayan country with Mount Everest as the highest icon of your mission.

  2. Always glad to see more people supporting military veterans and their families. It is so easy to forget the sacrifices they make.

  3. God bless you and others like you, we need them so bad in this day and age.
    to think what is happening ..tell it to my friends i love and lost in vietnam,my uncle and cousins i lost in ww2, neighbors who fought in Korea,desert storm i can go on and on but WHY DO THEY WANT TO CLOSE A HOME FOR THE HOMELESS ???? who served our AMERICAN IN HER TIME OF NEED????? and are entitled to a shelter
    they paid with their blood sweat and tears…. GOD WILL MAKE THEM ACCOUNTABLE WHEN THEY FACE THEIR MAKER but who can wait that long

  4. Hello Laurie, This is Great! I am also a Service connected small business contract holder. My brother and I are in business together and hire Veterans exclusively to build our quality office seating. Unfortunately we have people laid off right now due to the economy. I think this site is a fantastic idea and I hope we can hire more Vets in the near future. If you would like to check us out, you can visit our websites at http://patriotseating.com/, where you can watch a video of our operation and http://veteranrepco.com/ for further information. Our veterans are going to need all the help they can get and I believe your site will be of great help to them. Good luck and God bless your endeavors. Sincerely, Jim Altiero

    • Thanks for the links, Jim! I’m enjoying the music on VRC right now. God Bless you too, and I pray that we’re both around to see many many Veterans filling those awesome seats of yours very very soon!

  5. Hi Laurie,
    Thank you for your blog, it is a great service to gather all of these resources for VETS in one place.
    The George Washington University has developed a specialized Master’s degree program, geared toward training professionals in the field of
    special education and brain injury. The brain injury special educator may work directly with children with acquired brain injury (ABI) or with the school teams and families who support them. This is a great program for VETS thinking about returning to school to pursue a career in teaching, scholarships are available.

  6. Would you be interested in helping with soldier stockings for the WTB on Fort Knox for our wounded soldiers for the holidays to help boost their morale

    • Absolutely, Melissa! I’m sure that I am not the only person willing to help either! Send me the details, (where to send items, letters, donations, etc) and I’ll post it for you!
      God Bless,

    • Lloyd,
      Your site is fabulous and, might I add, such a wonderful idea! You are making it easy for folks to share the love for our troops here, there, and everywhere. Thank you for creating and sharing this.

  7. I am starting a Non-Profit that I expect to take National at some point. Our Mission is to help treat the cause of our clients challenges instead of just dealing with the symptoms. There are 2 main challenges our veterans that are experiencing being Homeless have. Problem number 1 lack of housing. We will be providing transitional to permanent housing as I am a well trained and experienced real estate investor. I know how to provide the housing. Problem number 2 Mindset. I have access to many people that can help introduce information from Financial Education based on the Rich Dad Poor Dad Information, Goal Setting, Self Esteem, Alternative Health Options, Entrepreneur options and many more. Our Organization is called “Sharing It Forward” and you can view our website at http://www.sharingitforward.com. I will share and post more information soon and I am on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/sharingitforward, LinkedIn at http://www.linkedin.com/in/sharingitforwardkristen and twitter at @sharingforward. I am also working on getting many special offers and discounts from different sources. If you have any questions feel free to contact me. Wealthy Wishes Kristen

    • Thank you for the offer, Jessica. Unfortunately, I am trying to keep this as a strictly non-profit website. The only advertisements on here are those from WordPress, and I have thought about paying to keep those off as well.

  8. Hoping for your help in exchange for thanks in our credits and I thought you might be interested in spreading the word. Our documentary is about the unemployed and features veterans, and hard to place individuals in their struggle to obtain work. Hoping you’ll place us on your social media outlets via twitter and facebook and/or review on your blog (or even feature us in your newsletters) with a link. We believe the voice of these individuals need to be heard and we have an award winning team willing to do so…but we need help in order to get it out into festivals and theatres across the world (and to in essence finish it!). Please check out our documentary about these very people who include veterans and hard to place. It’s on kickstarter right now and needs support& spread the word! Kickstarter is all or nothing so we have 22 days to reach our goal or else we receive $0 and cannot finish. Thanks so much for the possibility to spread the word to others who may want to support it. http://kck.st/yotKLa

  9. Hello Laurie, We are a brand new start up organization for veterans and their spouses to assist in any way we can from education to finding homes for veterans. Both of us founders are DAVs and are tired of the organizations that take money to help the vets and then pocket the money. Our goal is to help the VET. Please check out our organization which is just in the beginning so there are some blank pages that we are working on. Please go to http://www.vet-power.com and like us. Another reason I am writing is to see if we could link our sites. You have some great articles and I applaud your service to us vets. I am a life member in the VFW.

    We are having our first job fair and workshop on the 5th of April here in El Paso. We are doing a pilot program with the training and the educational seminars as a pilot program to see if we can get it into all the bases in the USA. My partner is working on funding from congress to get this off the ground and I think it will be a great advantage to what is out there today. Please let me know if we can link up. Sincerely,

    Shannon Jernigan, CPO, USN Retired, DAV, Co Founder of VET-POWER.com

  10. Two DAV Veterans began a new organization to create a one-stop shop for Veterans and Spouses. We were tired of organizations taking money for veterans and mostly pocketing the money. We are totally for the VETERAN. Please go to our web site and check us out. We would like to link our sites because we like what you are doing. Our website is http://www.VET-POWER.com. Please like us and if we can let us know if we can link our sites. As I said, we are just a fledgling start up but we are determined to make it work and provide the veterans with the help they are asking for and needing. I am a life member of the VFW and both of us founders are DAVs.

      • We really appreciate all the help we can get. We have too many veterans suffering. Thank you for youir support.

  11. I would like the opportunity to share my own experience with the VA HUD-VASH program. specifically the Women veterans Grant Per diem Program. Here in Portland there have been some serious issues regarding the safety of female and transgender vets in the program. adark08@gmail.com

    • There are some great VA experiences that I have heard about, and some not-so-great. I’m lucky to live in a town with one of the great ones (Harry S. Truman VA). I wish there was an outside government VA police agency to monitor, evaluate, and scream when things are not up to par.

  12. Hi Laurie! What a super site. THANK YOU for your time taken to gather all this information for reach at our fingertips as veterans. I am a US Air Force veteran, as is my father, husband, sister…and now my daughter has enlisted. I am also a board member of the Veterans Outreach Center http://www.VeteransOutreachCenter.org of western NY, based in Rochester. We house homeless veterans, offer housing, career, business and counceling services, and people who listen and career to help veterans transition into our community with grace. I offer another online mailing site that, historically, has helped sent millions of postcards to our active duty troops: http://letssaythanks.com/ . School-age children from all over the USA provide the artwork for the postcards, and Xerox prints and works to Give to Our Troops org to mail.

    I have also opened a new business with a goal to help veterans leverage their leadership skills into the world of business. So thrilled over the many citizens of America that spend time, effort and provide funding to help our veteran and active duty troops! THANKS to ALL!!!

    Nancy L. Richardson / Rochester NY http://www.linkedin.com/in/nrichardson

  13. Unfortunately the passage of the Lejune bill is now going to stop me from being able to get medical care at a VA hospital because my Service Dog was not trained by ADI. You have successfully killed me. I just wish people would look at everything that is in a bill and not just their section.

  14. The Medal of Honor is the highest military medal awarded by the United States Government. It is NOT called the Congressional Medal of Honor.

    • I’m sorry, John….if I have a typo somewhere….then please let me know which of my 200 blog posts it is in. More than likely it was an unintentional mistake. I type faster than I think….AND I DON’T GET PAID….

      Before you get too upset about the term “Congressional Medal of Honor” you may want to understand that they are basically one in the same: http://www.cmohs.org/

      Resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That the President of the United States be, and he is hereby, authorized to cause two thousand “medals of honor” to be prepared with suitable emblematic devices, and to direct that the same be presented, in the name of the Congress, to such non–commissioned officers and privates as shall most distinguish themselves by their gallantry in action, and other soldier-like qualities, during the present insurrection (Civil War).

      • Laurie, I’m sorry I cannot tell you where it is. I was on Facebook and reading your comments about the government’s attempt to stop fraudulent persons from claiming that had earned medals they had not. Thanks for your reply.


        Sent from my iPhone

  15. Veteran’s Day is coming soon! It’s like our Christmas, what we were born to do. I am a proud member of the Kansas City Bettys, a volunteer group that makes appearances at Military and Veteran’s events. We also do a full USO show.
    Another group we have run across is The Silent Siren, http://www.silentsiren.org, a group helping Veterans and First Responders.
    Together we can make a difference!

  16. Thank you for all you do for our veterans and the VFW. Yours is an important task that you do so well with dedication and perseverance.

    All the best,

    Ben Marich

  17. Laurie, thank you very much for your efforts for our troops and veterans. We have a big job to do, but with dedicated people like you, I know we’ll meet all challenges.

    Best regards,

    John Spahr
    Immediate Past State Commander
    Department of Texas

  18. Thank you Laurie for all the good information you provide and the services you provide. God Bless all are veterans

  19. Hi VFW Lady,

    I am in the Army Medical Corps. A couple buddies and I started a blog about Military Deals about 2 months ago. Our Blog is unique because it actually explains step by step the deals or discounts offered by companies. For example most Military Discount websites will just have a huge list of discounts but dont explain how to use them. Since the 6 authors of this blog are all active in the Military, we personally write about our experience with each discount/deal.

    VWFLady, Please check us out at http://deals4military.blogspot.com/ If you like what you see, would would love to be featured on your site. We are a non-advertising site so we just do it for the love of blogging about great military deals, we are not interested in any financial gain. Thank you for your consideration. We would love to add you to our site also as a thank you

  20. I am the Program Coordinator of the V.A. Supportive Services for Veteran Families (SSVF) program for Volunteers of America Los Angeles. I started writing a Veteran Resource Spreadsheet and newsletter when I was a Vet Rep (COWH / DVOP) for California EDD, and added homelessness and free resources when I joined VOALA. We share this newsletter and Resource Spreadsheet with everyone who asks, so feel free to e-mail me at pbowers@voala.org and I will put you on my distribution list and send you the last and current VOALA Resource Spreadsheet and newsletter. The newsletter goes to several thousand people, representing several dozen federal, states’, counties’, and cities’ agencies, service providers across the nation, as well as Veterans and their households. Phil Bowers

  21. Pingback: The Million Veteran March on the VA | vfwlady

  22. Hi Laurie,
    I’m reaching out to you because in the past you’ve published information to your readers regarding deals and offers for Veterans Day. I don’t know if you’re planning on doing so again this year, but I thought I’d pass along the list of retailers we’re assisting in rolling out for this Veterans Day. We would love to have some of these deals considered for your community.

    You can view the list of new deals here: http://www.sheerid.com/press-releases/sheerid-celebrates-veterans-day-with-deals-for-those-who-have-served/

    The link at the bottom of the page will take you to all 30+ deals we’re protecting for the military community. These are national brands and many of the deals are going to be available far beyond Veterans Day.

    If you have any questions or would like additional information, please let me know. I’m happy to help out.

    And thank you for all you do!

  23. VFWLady, I have a letter about Agent Orange in Korea, most on the Dioxins remaining in the soil after the use in 68 to 71 on the DMZ. It has already reached Department of Illinois Commander, just waiting now to see what happens. Many of us who have served on the DMZ from 72-91 are now suffering from the side effects of A.O. My email address is: lucken13@nwcable.net If you like a copy of the letter, thanks.

  24. Hi Laurie
    I work with finding housing for homeless veterans. My program is Supportive Services for Veteran Families. I am trying to locate FREE or FEE BASED CHILD CARE for a couple of Veteran families. We are located in Newport News, Virginia. Can you help?

    • Hey, Jacqueline. The only VA supported child care is for employees of the VA, and there are no facilities that offer that for VA Employees in Virginia. Have you sought help through the Department of Social Services in Virginia? Virginia’s “CommonHelp” does offer a Child Care Subsidy Program that may help those families. Read about it and apply here: http://www.dss.virginia.gov/family/cc/assistance.cgi

  25. Hello,
    My son makes many historical Lego scenes. Is it possible to enter the contest by taking a photo of what he has built?

    • Hello, Lisa. Sounds like an awesome talent, but unfortunately the guidelines do not allow it. The first paragraph of the Patriotic Art guidelines clearly state: Art must be on paper or canvas. Water color,
      pencil, pastel, charcoal, tempera, crayon, acrylic,
      pen-and-ink, or oil may be used. Digital art is
      not accepted.

  26. VFW Lady,
    I own Cruise-Mate Inc., which produces a mechanical throttle lock / throttle cruise control for motorcycles. We offer 15% discount to all military and veterans ALL THE TIME. We would like you to add us to your list of companies offering discounts to this group of hero’s.

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