Congress Sends A Flag Day Fix for A Broken VA Health Care System

Flag-Day 2014Just in time for Flag Day, Congress overwhelming passed two veterans’ bills this week in an effort to fix the crisis in care and timely access to treatment at VA health care facilities.

On Tuesday, the House passed  H.R. 4810, the “Veteran Access to Care Act of 2014,” by a vote of 426-0.

On Wednesday, the Senate passed S. 2450, the “Veterans’ Access to Care through Choice, Accountability, and Transparency Act of 2014,” by a vote of 93-3.

Both bills now move to a conference committee to iron out their differences. Both bills would allow VA to enter into contracts with non-VA facilities to provide hospital care and medical services for veterans who have waited too long for an appointment or live more than 40 miles away from a VA facility. They also require an independent assessment of VHA which is responsible for running VA medical facilities.

Where the bills differ is in how best to address holding VA employees accountable and giving VA authority to expedite the hiring of new medical care staff.

Flag Day is June 14th

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Happy Flag Day June 14th

HERE are some ways to celebrate your Flag Day in style!

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The National Flag Day Foundation’s Americanism Center

If you’re a Yankee Doodle Dandy like me, then you’re going to love the National Flag Day Foundation.  Located in Waubeka, WI on former “school grounds”, the National Flag Day Foundation is keeping Flag Day Observance alive by getting America‘s youth involved.

In 1995 the National Flag Day Foundation built what they call the “Americanism Center” that contains a museum, a commemorative courtyard, and (my personal favorite) an “Avenue of Flags“.

Along side each fringed flag is a political , economic, and military history of our great country. The National Flag Day Foundation also utilizes the Avenue of Flags as a teaching tool for school groups that are invited to tour the facilities free of charge.

The balance of their building is occupied by Scouts, American Legion, 4-H groups, the Lions Club, and senior citizens. It is open continuously and there is no charge for using the facilities.

The whole museum is open to the public anytime by request at:

(262) 692-2385 *or* (262) 692-2811.

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Flag Day: Information, Fun, Food, Crafts, & Music!

Flag Day is celebrated each year on June 14th.  The first official Flag Day was first celebrated in 1877, and Congress later made it an annual observance in 1949 by resolving that “The 14th day of June of each year is hereby designated as Flag Day”.  Americans celebrate Flag Day in different ways, most often by flying or displaying the American flag. 

Here are some suggestions and ideas of fun things that you can do on June 14th to celebrate Flag Day, and a whole bunch of websites that can help! 

Have a barbecue. 

Decorate your home or backyard with red, white, blue, and yellow ribbons. Display or hang your American Flag on your front porch, door, balcony, deck, or window.  Cook some hot dogs and hamburgers to share with your guests, and make: Flag Cake, Uncle Sam Hat Cake, or Stars & Stripes cupcakes! 


Listen to Patriotic Songs on YouTube!

America the BeautifulWatch | Lyrics
Battle Hymn of the RepublicWatch | Lyrics
God Bless the USA: Watch | Lyrics
God Bless AmericaWatch | Lyrics
My Country ‘Tis of TheeWatch | Lyrics
Stars and Stripes ForeverWatch | Lyrics
Star Spangled BannerWatch | Lyrics
Yankee DoodleListen | Lyrics
This Land is Your LandListen | Lyrics


Get “Crafty” with the kids, and think Patriotic!

   *Patriotic Sun Visor, *Patriotic Mail Box, *Suncatcher U.S. Flag, *Patriotic Flower Pot or Candy Dish, *Patriotic Wind Sock, *Stick Flag, *String of Stars, *Patriotic Pebble, *Lincoln Penny Pendant (a Patriotic Necklace to wear), *Freedom of Expression T-Shirt, *Patriotic Tattoos, *Patriotic Caps *Patriotic Pinwheel

Old Glory

How to Display Your American Flag Properly

I hope that all of my fellow Patriots who have chosen to take part in Memorial Day, Flag Day, 4th of July, or Veterans Day activities are aware of the Federal Flag Code.  For those that have chosen to display the American Flag proudly, here are some tips on how to do so properly:

Letters To Soldiers: FREE to Send on Armed Forces Day, Memorial Day, Flag Day, Veterans Day and Every Day! has always done amazing work to make sure no soldier currently deployed is forgotten. I want to know what YOU as an American are doing to show your support for our troops on Armed Forces Day, Memorial Day, Flag Day, Independence Day, Veterans Day, or any day!

Now’s your time to say:

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