Simple Things Unemployed Veterans and Spouses Can Do to Make Money at Home

When you’re unemployed, every penny counts.  So, for all of you money-hungry penny wishers out there, here are some of my favorite boredom-curing money-making activities. These aren’t “schemes” or “scams”.  These are simple things that I started doing from home when I found myself unemployed in November of 2011.

All of these activities are so easy to do, that I continue to do them today. The combination of all of these easy jobs can generate enough to pay monthly bills,  have extra spending money, or put aside a little Christmas cash. They work for me, so I hope they work for you!

Become an Independent Contractor.  If you have technical writing, article writing, blog writing, editing, advertising, marketing, customer service, web research, website building, telemarketing, email marketing, or email-response skills (and you are computer-savvy), then you can land a job helping small companies online.

My favorite: oDesk.comoDesk will even let you “fire your boss” if you find one that is demanding, rude, or unresponsive to questions.

You can choose the number of hours you want to work, the time of day you want to work, and the number of days you want to work.


Do Surveys.  There are seriously thousands of survey sites out there that will pay for your opinion.  I’ve tried them all.  My favorite: is the #1 guide to career resources, jobs and occupations, online education and degree programs from online schools and universities in the US.  Their job-finding services are free, and they pay an average of $2.00-$5.00 per completed survey to those opting-in to receive them You may not qualify for every survey they send you, but they compensate you well for the ones you do complete.

Read Emails.  There are plenty of advertisers begging for people to click on their website.  If you like to browse the web, then why not get paid to look at advertisements?  My favorite: Inbox Dollars.

Inbox Dollars pays .02 cents per email add that you click to open.  They also pay you for playing games, searching the web, watching videos, using coupons, and much more!  The extra funds add up to around $100 per year, which is really nice to cash in around Christmas, and the coupons are nice for saving extra pennies!

Get Paid to Blog!  This blog is not the only blog I publish.  There are tons of advertisers out there that pay an average of $10.00 per blog post if you own a decent blog that gets decent traffic.  I’ve seen some crazy blogs out there that get a lot of traffic.  So, if you like to blog (or already own a blog) check out my favorite handler:

Blogsvertise lets you choose what blogs you want to post, so if there is a product that you do not like, or do not support, then you can simply pass on the post.  They also give you a generous 30 days to post the ones you choose.

Good luck in your job hunt, veterans :)  In the meantime…get to work! Debuts Thanks to Paul Teaches WordPress

Great news, faithful readers!  The VfwLady blog is now:

-thanks to a little help from AppSumo!

Just like a lot of people, I have been known to drag my feet when it comes to learning new applications and trying different things.  Fear of difficulty is the biggest reason why I am slow at implementing the powers of modern technology into certain aspects of my personal life.

Today, I surprised myself by making the migration from a WordPress blog site to a WordPress website in less than 20 minutes.  All thanks to a very simple, upbeat, not-boring video tutorial called “Paul Teaches WordPress” that I found on

Paul, the teacher in the 6-part video tutorial “Paul Teaches WordPress”, looked like a really nice kid.  Paul kept telling me, “It’s so easy a Caveman could do it!”

Anyone not familiar with is as much in the dark as I was,  because the site is fairly new.  App Sumo is a Ninja “secret hideout” where stubborn folks, and fellow cavemen, can get the step-by-step video training and software needed to overcome one common weakness:

fear of technological difficulty!

A friend of mine had been after me for months to switch my VfwLady blog over to a website, but I  always shrugged him off, complaining that it would be too difficult.  After he sent me the link to the “Paul Teaches WordPress” video tutorial on App Sumo, I discovered how easy it really was.

Anybody curious about what’s going on in the website, app, and tech world, can get a lot of help from the video guides and software available at the App Sumo website. offers a virtual gold mine of easy to understand videos and tutorials for the average user.  People who need a little help starting a WordPress website should definitely consider purchasing  “Paul Teaches WordPress” on…..and please tell other aspiring “Sumo-Lings” to do the same!