VFW Ladies Auxiliary Continuing Education $1000 Scholarship

The Ladies Auxiliary VFW is pleased to present The Continuing Education Scholarship.

continuingeducationThis unique scholarship is intended to assist members who wish to further their education by pursuing a college degree or a career direction at technical school.

Only the spouse, daughter, and son of a member are also eligible to apply.

One scholarship will be presented each year to a selected candidate in each of the four Ladies Auxiliary VFW Conferences.  Applicant must be 18 years of age or older. Qualifying member must have been a member of the Ladies Auxiliary VFW for one year prior to application. Previous national winners are not eligible.

Complete this application in full and MAIL to:

  • Director of Programs, Ladies Auxiliary VFW National Headquarters
  • 406 W. 34th St. 10th Floor, Kansas City, Mo. 64111
  • Entry must be received by February 15, 2015

Download the Application

VFW National Commander Addresses The Looming Sequestration Threatening Veterans

VFW National Commander John E. Hamilton voices his concerns about the possible sequestration in a new video sent to all members and supporters.  Watch the video here…


VA Targets Faster Claims Processing with New Segmented Lanes Process and Fully Developed Claims Program

Segmented Lanes is a new process that has been implemented at 16 VA regional offices, and will be adopted by all VA regional offices throughout 2013. When a veteran files a claim or sends evidence to support their claim, the VA’s Intake Processing Centers will now sort that claim into one of three Segmented Lanes:

  • Express
  • Core, or
  • Special Operations.

Separating claims immediately allows Veterans Benefit Advisors to identify (at the earliest possible point) any Veteran who requires expedited handling.  Expedited cases include any Veteran experiencing financial hardship, a homeless Veteran, a Veteran over the age of 75 or a Veteran who has a terminal illness.

The goal of Segmented Lanes is to help get benefit claims processed faster by placing each claim immediately in the hands of the right processor.  Doing so will increases processing accuracy because it “standardizes” the process across all of the VA regional offices. This means that a claim submitted at the New Orleans Regional Office will be processed in the same manner as a claim submitted to the Salt Lake City Regional Office.

The lanes break down like this:

  • Express Lane: This lane is for claims that have one or two contentions, or fully developed claims (read more about FDCs below).  An example would be if a Veteran files for an increase in compensation for a back issue and is also seeking to have her left hip condition service connected.
  • Core Lane: claims that have three or more contentions, or any claim that does not meet the criteria for the Express or Special Operations Lanes.
  • Special Operations: All claims that require special handling because of their nature (examples are Post Traumatic Stress Disorder associated with Military Sexual Trauma, former Prisoners of War, Traumatic Brain Injury).

Each lane has a dedicated claims processors whose skills and expertise match the lane to which they are assigned. This is how VA will process claims more quickly and more accurately. While no claim is the same, certain aspects of processing are alike.  Assigning processors dedicated to working similar claims will speed up the process and increase the quality of the determination.

Veterans Service Officer Catherine Trombley said,

“When I worked at the [Board of Veterans Appeals], I often worked several claims in a row for disorders that resulted from a Military Sexual Trauma because some of the same regulations applied to those claims (like rating criteria), even though the claims themselves varied dramatically. Not having to refer to different parts of the regulations saved time, but I also became really good at claims resulting from MST. If I worked at a regional office today, I would probably be in the Special Operations lane.

Another way the lanes are ensuring speed and quality is through the Fully Developed Claims  .program. Fully Developed Claims (FDCs) are assured faster processing because the Veteran certifies at the time they submit the claim that he or she has provided all evidence. That certification allows VA to move immediately forward on processing, without waiting the mandatory waiting period for the Veteran to submit evidence.

Veterans can opt to file an “informal claim” stating they intend to file a claim for benefits using the FDC program.  Doing so will allow the veteran to preserve an effective date while giving them sufficient time to collect evidence. The VA has assigned these claims to the Express lane, which expedites a determination to an average of 100 days.

Both Segmented Lanes and Fully Developed Claims processing are part of the Veterans Benefits Administration’s Transformation Plan to standardize and speed up processing by 2015.  Veteran Service Organizations are available to help Veterans, their families and survivors file claims using both the traditional process and the Fully Developed Claims process. They provide this service whether you are a member or non-member. Let them help you.

Free Museum Admission for Active Duty Military

LogoThanks to the Blue Star Families Museums Initiative, more than 1,600 museums across the country offer free admission to active-duty military personnel and their families in a summer program that runs from Memorial Day through Labor Day nationwide.

To view the complete list of participating museums visit the Blue Star Museums Website: http://www.nea.gov/national/bluestarmuseums/index2012.php

Blue Star Families is a national, nonprofit network of military families from all ranks and services, including guard and reserve, with a mission to support, connect and empower military families. In addition to morale and empowerment programs, Blue Star Families raises awareness of the challenges and strengths of military family life and works to make military life more sustainable through programs and partnerships like Operation Honor Cards, MilKidz Club and Blue Star Museums.

Membership includes military spouses, children and parents as well as service members, veterans and the civilians who strongly support them. To learn more about Blue Star Families, visit http://www.bluestarfam.org.

Send a Hospitalized Veteran a Free Message of Thanks this Memorial Day

Write your message online by May 18th and the VFW will print and deliver it at no cost to you. What an awesome thing to do during Military Appreciation Month for a hospitalized veteran this Memorial Day!


by May 18, 2012

Memorial Day is right around the corner. Will you show our nation’s hospitalized veterans you respect their sacrifice for our American freedoms?  VFW is asking you to sign a Thank You card.

When you do, we’ll print a real card with your name on it to be placed in the hands of a hospitalized veteran who needs to know that their sacrifice has not been forgotten.

Signing the card shows you honor the fallen … stand strong for the wounded … and carry those still fighting in your heart and in your prayers.

Sign the CardPlease respond by May 18 so VFW can deliver signed cards to as many hospitalized veterans as possible. With your help, we’ll show unwavering respect and support FOR VETERANS.

You can help VFW reach even more lonely veterans in 3 easy steps:

Star 01

Sign your card

and we’ll print it and deliver it to a hospitalized veteran.

Star 02 Invite your email contacts!
Forward this to your friends, family and co-workers.
Star 03 Get your network involved—ask your Facebook friends to sign a card, too

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The National Veteran Small Business Conference and Expo 2012

2012 Information:

The Cobo Center in the heart of Detroit will host the National Veteran Small Business Conference and Expo June 26-29, 2012. Its elegant banquet rooms and over 70 meeting rooms totaling 178,446 square feet equip Cobo Center to accommodate capacities from up to 10,000.

Join nearly 6,000 participants in Detroit for the opportunity to:

  • Connect with procurement decision makers from other businesses and federal agencies
  • Expand knowledge through over 200 training and business requirement sessions
  • Engage with other attendees and gain visibility in the Expo Hall of nearly 500 booths
  • Use VetGovPartner to facilitate online and onsite networking including face-to-face sessions with senior procurement decision makers.


The Million Veteran March on the VA

Updated October 13, 2013

Are You Looking for the Million Vet March on the Memorials? Read the full story here: Veterans Rally at Their Memorials

I want you to circle the date of Sunday, October 13, 2013.

And then I want you to help “circle the wagons” on that day to help protect and defend our brave veterans who risked their lives for our freedom – and now are being barred from visiting the memorials erected to honor their deeds.

In a mean-spirited fit of selfish anger, Barack Obama has shut down our nation’s war memorials. And he has declared open war on our honored veterans!

The World War II memorial … the Vietnam Veterans Memorial … the Korean War Veterans Memorial – Obama has shut them all down to force his will on the House of Representatives and frankly, to get revenge on the American people who oppose Obamacare and his other naked power grabs.

Let’s put it plainly: Barack Obama is behaving like a vicious tyrant. And if he succeeds in this assault on the democratic system, the Republic we love is at mortal risk. It’s just that simple. That’s why I am asking you now to take two decisive moves to show Barack Obama, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi – and all of their oppressive ilk in Washington – that “We the People” are still in charge. And we won’t rest until we take back our memorials and monuments! –

See more at: http://vetmarch.com/#join

See photos of the #1MVetMarch

Original Post: March 10, 2012 by VFWlady Laurie Cox

What began as a great idea is slowly becoming the latest rave for Veterans across the United States.  Many veterans who have dutifully served their country are tired of long waits, long lines, slow response, and poor facility conditions of the Veterans Administration Hospitals nationwide.

America’s weary soldiers are so tired of less-than-adequate treatment, that a few have decided to band together and do what they do best…MARCH!  Where are they marching?  Well, on Washington of course.  There is already a group on Facebook, and the response has been so overwhelming that a website is under construction.

All they need now is 1,000,000 marching veterans.

Based on the huge number of veterans using the VA system as their sole source of healthcare, getting a million to march shouldn’t be a problem.  Here is what the organizers have to say,

The march on the VA has been created by and for all honorably discharged Veterans and their family’s. This organization represents Veterans from all branches and all wars.

According to the VA there are currently 2.9 million disabled veterans. It is time they hear us loud and clear, we will no longer be pushed aside and ignored. It is time we stand up for ourselves and sound off. We are 1st class citizens and we will no longer be treated like trash.

The VA counts on us to give up and for the most part many of us have. Well that is over with, it is time we start making some demands and letting the VA know we are not going to give up, we will not quit, we will not surrender, This is a fight for ourselves and our family’s.

We will no longer be complacent in this we have a voice and we will use it. This a grass root effort, so please do all you can in the way of spreading the word. The tentative date for the march is October 4, 2012.” Ask to “Join the group” and support Veterans for better VA healthcare! 

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