VFW National Commander Addresses The Looming Sequestration Threatening Veterans

VFW National Commander John E. Hamilton voices his concerns about the possible sequestration in a new video sent to all members and supporters.  Watch the video here…


Send a Hospitalized Veteran a Free Message of Thanks this Memorial Day

Write your message online by May 18th and the VFW will print and deliver it at no cost to you. What an awesome thing to do during Military Appreciation Month for a hospitalized veteran this Memorial Day!


by May 18, 2012

Memorial Day is right around the corner. Will you show our nation’s hospitalized veterans you respect their sacrifice for our American freedoms?  VFW is asking you to sign a Thank You card.

When you do, we’ll print a real card with your name on it to be placed in the hands of a hospitalized veteran who needs to know that their sacrifice has not been forgotten.

Signing the card shows you honor the fallen … stand strong for the wounded … and carry those still fighting in your heart and in your prayers.

Sign the CardPlease respond by May 18 so VFW can deliver signed cards to as many hospitalized veterans as possible. With your help, we’ll show unwavering respect and support FOR VETERANS.

You can help VFW reach even more lonely veterans in 3 easy steps:

Star 01

Sign your card

and we’ll print it and deliver it to a hospitalized veteran.

Star 02 Invite your email contacts!
Forward this to your friends, family and co-workers.
Star 03 Get your network involved—ask your Facebook friends to sign a card, too

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The National Veteran Small Business Conference and Expo 2012

2012 Information:

The Cobo Center in the heart of Detroit will host the National Veteran Small Business Conference and Expo June 26-29, 2012. Its elegant banquet rooms and over 70 meeting rooms totaling 178,446 square feet equip Cobo Center to accommodate capacities from up to 10,000.

Join nearly 6,000 participants in Detroit for the opportunity to:

  • Connect with procurement decision makers from other businesses and federal agencies
  • Expand knowledge through over 200 training and business requirement sessions
  • Engage with other attendees and gain visibility in the Expo Hall of nearly 500 booths
  • Use VetGovPartner to facilitate online and onsite networking including face-to-face sessions with senior procurement decision makers.


Veterans Connection for Help & Healing from Real Veterans

Maketheconnection.net connects Veterans and their friends and family members with information, resources, and solutions to issues affecting their health, well-being, and everyday lives.

Visit Maketheconnection.net to hear inspiring stories of strength. Learn what has worked for other Veterans, and discover positive steps that you can take after military service—all in the words of Veterans just like you.

View in-depth stories and testimonials of strength and connection as real Veterans recount their paths from joining the military to facing adversity, reaching out, and moving toward resilience and recovery.

Connect and discuss topics like anger and irritability, alcohol abuse, drug problems, flashbacks, headaches, nightmares, guilt, gambling, PTSD, Military Sexual Trauma, chronic pain, confusion, feeling on edge, and feelings of hopelessness…..

Connect by Life Events:

Explore life events or experiences that you can relate to and get information, stories, and resources for support.

Give A 2011 Year-End Gift To Veterans

Your gift to the Veterans of Foreign War’s 2011 Year-End Campaign helps VFW fight for veterans on Capitol Hill. The VFW gives veterans practical support in obtaining benefits.VFW leaders in Washington also have the influence and clout to help protect those benefits.

Whether politically or through programs, the Veterans of Foreign Wars provides a comprehensive safety net of care for veterans of every generation.

The VFW is near the end of their 2011 Year-End Campaign, and I’m writing personally to ask you to help us take action for America’s veterans in 2012.

I know you’re extremely proud of our veterans.

I am simply asking you to go one step further.

I’m challenging you to join me in making a generous year-end gift to help the courageous men and women who fight for this great country of ours. Thousands of new veterans are due back at the end of the year. I think that we owe these remarkable Americans some support and respect!

Your gift to the VFW helps show how much you appreciate the sacrifices made by this nation’s combat veterans and their families.

Make Your Year-End Gift

Your donation is tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law.

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VFW Legislative ALERT: Help Pass Crucial Veterans Bills Today

Tuesday, October 11th, 2011: Several VFW-supported bills are scheduled to be voted on tonight on the House floor. They include improvements to the benefits process, putting veterans back to work, mortgage protections for surviving spouses of service members and legislation authorizing a comprehensive policy on reporting and tracking sexual assaults at VA.

The VFW has supported all of the bills since their introduction – Now they need everyone’s help in getting them passed! Take Action!

The bills include:

H.R. 2433, Veterans Opportunity to Work Act

H.R 2074, Veterans Sexual Assault Prevention and Health Care Enhancement Act

H.R. 2302,  Ensures transparency in veteran hiring mandates for federal contractors

H.R. 2349, Veterans’ Benefits Training Improvement Act of 2011

H.R. 1263 provides surviving spouses with certain protections relating to mortgages and mortgage foreclosures.

H.R. 1025 recognizes the service in the reserve components of certain persons by honoring them with status as veterans under law.

For more info on each bill go here: http://www.vfwonthehill.org/2011/10/house-to-vote-on-veterans-legislation.html

Action Needed: Call your Representatives today and ask them to vote Yes on all of the bills when they are presented on the House floor. A 2/3 vote in favor is needed to pass the bills. Let them know that you are a Veterans advocate and you are counting on their vote!

VFW’s New DC Blog

This week the VFW introduced its newly reinvented blog, www.vfwonthehill.org. 

The primary focus will be on the work of VFW’s National Legislative Service in Washington, D.C. Serving over 2 million members and thousands of veteran advocates, the blog is the latest tool to help engage those who are interested in making a difference for veterans from coast to coast.

Together with the efforts of the VFW Action Corps and the VFW National Legislative Committee, the new blog will help inform all who visit, in real time on the daily activities of veterans’ issues as they develop in Washington inspiring members to reach out to their representatives and take action.