Obama Disses VFW Convention 2011

The largest foreign war veterans organization in the world, the VFW, has been smacked in the face by the White House.  Evidently, other matters were more important for President Barack Obama.  Hmm.. perhaps the fact that 2011 is a non-election year?

For the first time in recent history (including my 8 years of attending VFW National Conventions), there was no representative from the current White House administration available to speak on matters regarding veterans affairs.

No Obama..No Hillary…No Biden…NOBODY to “represent”!  From August 27th through September 1st.

When the Commander-in-Chief cannot find the time to speak in front of an organization that was not only born before him, but has (without question, wonder, or excuses) wielded the sword now stabbing them in the back, one must wonder AGAIN what is on HIS agenda.

President Barack Obama not only failed to show his face, but neglected to send a designated speaker to address the Veterans of Foreign Wars, and the White House is full of excuses:  White House defends Obama’s absence

At least Mitt Romney showed up:

<<Romney bashes Obama on military

and..I’ll “Never Forget” the excellent speech given by Texas Governor, Rick Perry!

Perry endorses concept of preemptive…>>

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